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The Philippines’ umbrella organization of firms and professionals involved in the various aspects of housing and the real property business.

Bringing together Industry and Government towards common goals – socio-economic advancement, ecological harmony, and a home for every Filipino.

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Executive Diploma Program in Real Estate Management
Be a Certified Real Estate Professional with EDPREM - an educational program focused on all aspects of real estate and housing
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LRA's Titling Reforms & Other Programs
The LRA discusses the latest updates of the online components its computerized land registration system, and issues encountered in program implementation
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DAR's Land Conversion Process - The New Normal
DAR USEC for Legal Affairs explains the latest Conversion Policy changes intended to accelerate economic recovery in the wake of the COVID pandemic
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BSP Loan Guidelines & AMLC Regulations
BSP reports on economic performance during the pandemic, and the "green shoots" for the property sector. AMLC discusses regulations & compliance requirements relevant to the sector.
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Updates on Taxation of Real Estate Transactions
The BIR explains the updated procedures, rules and requirements under the TRAIN and CREATE laws.
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Financing Programs for Housing & Real Estate
The BAP & DBP present perspectives and post-pandemic outlook and prospects relative to real estate financing programs
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NHMFC & NHA Program Updates for the New Normal
NHMFC discusses its mortgage takeout program updates, while NHA presents its responses to challenges posed by the pandemic.
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Ease of Doing Business - ARTA Updates for the Property Sector
ARTA discuss regulations, compliance requirements and initiatives to promote ease in doing business by the property sector.
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Greening Real Estate Development
Those who practice GREEN DEVELOPMENT gain not only public acclaim but also competitive advantage
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Enhance your understanding of the legal environment within which the real estate and housing industry operates.

Presenting a collection of CREBA's position papers, legislative proposals, studies and analyses of pending legislation, policies and rules.

Balanced Housing – New Compliance Mode

As an alternative mode of compliance, direct donations to LGUs would be a better replacement for the suspended Housing Escrow Fund mechanism – IF the Chamber’s recommended safeguards against misuse were to be incorporated in the proposed legislation.

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Real Property Valuation Reform

In the assessment of land for real property tax purposes, using the generic land classifications in the Local Government Code – rather than the sub-classifications based on legally permissible uses under the CLUP – often result in distortions in valuation, taxation and pricing in the land markets.

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Congratulations to the Best of the Best Developers of the Decade!

Ayala Land and Vista Land were honored as exemplary developers, while thirteen other firms from 5 regional groupings across the country were named Developers of the Decade, during the Pillar

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President, CREBA

Housing the poor – market-driven vs. government-led

According to NEDA: “The diminishing role of the government in direct housing provision at this time is unacceptable when there is still a big number of households in need of decent and affordable housing but who cannot as yet effectively participate in the market.”

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Mass-scale public housing as a centerpiece program

So much has been said about the need to reduce, if not eliminate, the country’s massive housing backlog in the shortest time possible. Yet, despite the unparalleled socio-economic benefits of housing as a centerpiece program, since the downfall of the

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Technical errors in land titles: detection & correction

A technically flawed title can create serious problems – cancelation by the courts, vulnerability to attack by land grabbers, property that cannot be located, overlaps with other titles, erroneously erecting structures on neighboring properties, rejection of collateral by banks, etc.

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Anatomy of Fake Land Titles (Part 1)

When buying raw or undeveloped or underdeveloped land, the buyer should analyze the CONTENTS – not just the form – of ORIGINALS of essential documents for regularity and consistency with each other. Inconsistencies should be cause for suspicion.

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Urban Development Planner
CREBA Past President & Member - Council of Leaders

The CREBA Developer of the Decade Awards

In celebrating the 50th anniversary of its founding, the Chamber of Real Estate and Builders’ Associations Inc (CREBA) is granting special recognition to real estate developers who have demonstrated meritorious service and achieved distinction in the industry in the last

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How well is your city performing?

How can we tell if the city where we live is performing well? The management guru, Peter Drucker, laid the foundation of modern management – insisting that you cannot improve what you cannot measure. It is something similar to our

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Green & resilient buildings – BRI User Guide

“A resilient building is a building that can survive the natural and climate hazards its location is exposed to, and ideally continue its operations without disruption following an intense hazard event. Sustainable development of the built environment needs to address future potential risks by adopting a whole-systems approach that ensures buildings are designed and engineered to be both resilient and

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