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Balanced Housing – New Compliance Mode

Two House Bills seeking to amend the Balanced Housing provision of the Urban Development and Housing Act (UDHA) of 1992, as amended by RA 10884, are currently under deliberation by the House Committee on Housing and Urban Development. HB No. 7230, authored by Reps. Jose Francisco Benitez and Maria Victoria Co-Pillar, seeks to require the […]

Green & resilient buildings – BRI User Guide

“A resilient building is a building that can survive the natural and climate hazards its location is exposed to, and ideally continue its operations without disruption following an intense hazard event. Sustainable development of the built environment needs to address future potential risks by adopting a whole-systems approach that ensures buildings are designed and engineered […]

Real Property Valuation Reform

The Real Property Valuation Reform Act (RPVARA) has been passed by the Lower House, while the Senate counterpart Bill is now on its final working draft. According to the Department of Finance (DOF), the proposed legislation aims to “improve the quality of valuation of local governments by making the revisions frequent, efficient, transparent, reliable and […]

Land Registration Reforms

Public faith in the Torrens system of land registration has been severely eroded by decades of rampant title fakery, land grabbing, title laundering and other nefarious acts perpetrated with the use of dubious titles. Despite stringent safeguards in the land registration laws, which entail sacrifices in terms of a slower pace in effecting legitimate land […]

Housing Escrow Fund – Cause for Serious Concern

The Housing Escrow Fund is a fund pool comprised of fund contributions by developers who opt to comply with the legally mandated balanced housing requirement via certain alternative modes of compliance. Under the law, a developer proposing to undertake a subdivision or condominium project is required to develop an area for socialized housing equivalent to […]

Rectifying Inequity & Ambiguities of the Maceda Law

Evident in many laws relating to real estate is the underlying presumption that every act of a developer proceeds from avarice. Apparently proceeding from this presumption of guilt, the general trend in these laws has been to impose excessive demands and conditions, as if to penalize the entire housing industry for the perceived faults of […]

CREBA Annual Membership Meeting & Election

29 February 2024, 11:00 AM
Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati

Guest of Honor & Speaker

Secretary - Department of Interior & Local Governments