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Davao City – the Metropolis of the South


For almost four decades, the CREBA – Davao Chapter has been a potent force in the progress of Davao, as a permanent member-organization of the Davao City Development Council (CDC) – a privilege it was accorded immediately after its establishment on 26 June 1982.

As such, the Chapter is in a unique position to partner with local legislators and policy makers in policy formulation in the fields of urban planning, real estate and the construction and building industries in Davao City.

CREBA-Davao was instrumental in crafting Davao City’s Zoning Plan in 1995, as well as the city’s Comprehensive Development Plan (1996-2020), as one of the lead consultants of the local Infrastructure Development Committee.

Later, under the leadership of Chair Edith Julian and chapter President Engr. Jose Froilan Rigor, it again partnered with the City Government in updating the city’s Comprehensive Development Plan and Zoning Ordinance 2013-2022.

CREBA-Davao's Purpose

CREBA-Davao is dedicated to being a proactive and relevant agent of progress in Mindanao, by creating a platform for sustained public-private cooperation and dialogue while taking part in efforts that promote both business opportunities as well as social and environmental enhancement .

Chapter History

CREBA-Davao was organized in June 26, 1982 – with 19 charter members joining its founding president Arch. Johnny Sulit – whereupon it was immediately accorded a permanent seat in the Davao City Development Council (CDC).

Engr. Luis N. Lacerna became CREBA-Davao’s second President in 1989, as the chapter grew to 36 officers and members from among the city’s major industry players.

Arch. Prospero A. Abellano served as president of CREBA-Davao in 2001. Engr. Luis N. Lacerna was re-elected president the following year.

Carlos A. Vargas led the full reactivation of the chapter in 2009 while serving as the chapter’s fourth president. His productive term was followed by the election to the presidency of Emilia Mendoza in 2010, Edith F. Julian in 2011, Engr. Froilan Rigor in 2012, and succeeding presidents Joel Lao, Ma. Luisa “Chai” Abaya, Japheth Diones and of current president Jose Paolo Y. Mack.

It continues to throw its support behind CREBA National’s advocacies, keeping itself a relevant organization for all sectors in the real estate and housing industry in the entire Davao Region.


  • Instrumental in crafting Davao City’s Zoning Plan in 1995
  • Instrumental in crafting Davao City’s Comprehensive Development Plan (1996-2020)
  • Establishment of the B.S. in Real Estate Management Course in 2014, in partnership with the Holy Cross Davao College  
  • Two-time host of the CREBA National Convention – in 1995 and again in 2017
  • Host of the CREBA Mindanao Housing Summit in August 2013
  • Co-convenor of  PhilBex-Davao in 2014
  • Industry and partnership initiatives, including the discussion of timely topics during monthly business meetings, which promote CREBA’s advocacies and strengthen its local membership. Among these are:
    • Seminar on Real Property Tax Assessment
    • Seminar on Fire Safety for Buildings
    • Formulation of Position Paper on Davao del Norte zonal value increases
    • Taking part in the DCCCII Mindanao Business Forum
    • SAMAL CENRO Earth Day Celebration
    • PHILBEX 2019 Mindanao
    • Seminar on PRC policies and regulations for real estate professionals
    • Seminar on the amnesty on Delinquencies and Estate Taxes
    • Updates on Government’s Build, Build, Build Program

Chapter Officers

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