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Joining CREBA

To serve and be served

When you join CREBA, you can expect to both serve and be served. You serve the real estate and housing industry by bolstering its ability to serve you and the public.

In turn, CREBA leverages the ascendancy you provide, toward helping the Government exercise its powers  in a manner that promotes and enhances your interests and the greater good.

With CREBA, you help shape the course of our industry and economy.

What you will gain

Expanded business network

Your profile in the CREBA website is one way of enhancing your global exposure. Participating in CREBA’s expos and international road shows is another. So is being a CREBA website blogger. And many more.


CREBA’s unique stature is recognized by the industry, the Government and the public. You share in that stature. Use the official CREBA logo to your advantage – you are entitled to include it in your promo materials.

Informed business decisions

Our regular forums and dialogues with government agencies will keep you updated on changes in the legal and regulatory climate. Webinars by specialists will enlighten you on the latest developmental trends. All FREE for you.


  • On educational certificate or diploma programs such as EDPREM, training programs,  etc.

  • On accreditation fees for CREBA’s international affiliates such as the US-based National Association of REALTORS

  • On paid events

  • On your ads in the CREBA website

  • On services provided by CREBAns participating in the discount program

CPE/CPD credits

You may get credits for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) or Continuing Professional Development (CPD)  from CREBA seminars/webinars, forums, symposia, workshops, conferences and summits, as well as the National Convention.

Specialists’ advice

Want your land title or survey to be error free? Struggling with a convoluted regulation? Thinking of the best use for your land? Stuck in a conundrum? Simply email our Secretariat. CREBA’s pool of experts and specialists in various fields will be happy to lend their expertise.

Arbitration by your peers

Avoid costly and time-consuming litigation. Amicably settle your issues (if any) with another CREBA member, by submitting your case to CREBA for arbitration.

Knowledge base

From the CREBA website, you can access studies and researches we gather and compile that you may find relevant and useful to your business.

CREBA by your side

Your reputation publicly assailed? Request CREBA to investigate. If the Board finds your case meritorious, CREBA may issue a public statement in your defense.

Apply here

  1. Read first the rest of the information on this page, particularly the Documentary Requirements and Membership Rules.

  2. Click the button for your desired Membership Category to launch the online application process.

  3. If you need clarification, call us at (02) 8373-2273 & 74, or Viber us at 0918-923-4728.

Who may join

Any natural or juridical person duly registered and/or licensed under Philippine law to engage in business, or practice a trade or profession, that involves – directly or indirectly – any aspect of the real estate business.

As the umbrella organization, CREBA’s roster currently includes the following:

  • Developers
  • Builders
  • Landowners
  • Brokers
  • Appraisers
  • Planners
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Surveyors
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Other real estate practitioners and consultants
  • Manufacturers/suppliers and dealers of construction materials
  • Local or regional groupings (Chapters) composed of the above entities
  • NGOs and affiliate associations

How to join

  • APPLY. – Fill out the online application form. When you click “submit” you will receive a system-generated email containing the information you have entered in the form.

  • CONFIRM. – Reply to the notification email; attach the required supporting documents and proof of payment of the indicated fees.

  • WAIT  for notice of approval of your membership.

  • PLEDGE. – Take the membership oath. You will be notified of the date of your induction as CREBA Member.

Supporting documents to be submitted by EMAIL must be clear scans, in PDF format, and must NOT be more than 150 KB in size.

ID photos must be in JPG format, and must NOT be more than 200 KB in size.

Documentary Requirements

Corporation, Partnership, Single Proprietorship

  • Copy of SEC certificate of registration and/or DTI business name registration

  • Board Resolution authorizing application for CREBA membership and designating the authorized  representative

  • HLURB registration if applicant is a Developer

  • List of directors

  • CV and colored, passport-size photo of designated representative/s

Association, Foundation or Cooperative

  • Copy of SEC registration

  • Board Resolution authorizing application for CREBA membership

  • Comprehensive profile and history of the organization

  • Directory of current officers

Individual Professional

  • Comprehensive CV

  • Copy of applicable professional license

  • Colored, passport-size photo

Membership Rules

  • Charter Members – The surviving incorporators

  • Institutional Members – Business, trade and/or professional associations, and/or non-stock, non-profit organizations

  • Corporate Members – Partnerships, corporations, and/or cooperatives

  • Chapters – Any local or regional group of natural and/or juridical persons

  • Individual Members – Any individual or single proprietorship

Applicants for membership shall accomplish the CREBA Membership Application form and submit the same to the Secretariat together with:

    • Application fee;

    • Advance payment of membership dues for the year and other assessments that the Board may prescribe from time to time; and

    • Supporting documents as indicated in the application form.

Only duly accomplished and complete application forms with the required supporting documents shall be given due course.

The Board of Directors shall evaluate all applicants and approve or disapprove the same based on criteria that it may adopt from time to time.

In case of disapproval, the application together with supporting documents and payments made, except the application fee, shall be returned to the applicant.

The accepted applicant shall be formally notified of the approval of his application, and shall be furnished copies of the Chamber’s By Laws and pertinent rules and regulations.

All accepted applicants are required to take, within three (3) months from the approval of their application, the CREBA Membership Oath during induction ceremonies that the Board shall schedule.

Failure to do so on the part of the accepted applicant shall be ground for revocation of approval of the application, cancellation of provisional privileges granted and forfeiture of all payments made.

A member may be suspended by a majority vote of the Board of Directors, or expelled by the two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board of Directors:

  1. When the criteria for admission are no longer satisfied; and/or

  2. For any of the following causes:

    • Delinquency in the payment of dues and other financial obligations to the Chamber;

    • Continuous non-participation in the activities of the Chamber;

    • Grossly unethical conduct;

    • Violation of the provisions of the Chamber’s By-Laws;

    • Non-compliance with regulations and resolutions duly adopted and circularized by the Board; and

    • Acts prejudicial to the interest of the Chamber.

The Board of Directors may prescribe such other causes for suspension or expulsion and impose such other penalties as it may deem proper or necessary.

An action for suspension or expulsion may be initiated upon written petition by at least ten (10) members in good standing or by at least two (2) directors.

A member who fails to pay his annual dues and other assessments and/or participate in the activities of the Chamber for one (1) year shall be automatically placed on inactive status and his rights as member shall be automatically suspended.

Said member may be reinstated upon formal request and upon full settlement of his arrearages. However, a member who formally requests to be placed on inactive status shall be exempt from payment of arrearages upon his subsequent reinstatement.

A member who has been on inactive status for two (2) years shall be deemed resigned.

Members shall have the following number of representatives:

  • Institutional member – three (3)

  • Corporate member (corporation or partnership) – two (2)

  • Chapter – two (2)

  • Individual or Single Proprietorship – one (1)

A chapter, institutional or corporate member shall be represented in the Chamber by its president and a ranking officer, or such other representatives as may be duly designated by its Board of Directors.

Replacement of designated representatives shall be made through formal notice to the Chamber’s corporate secretary, accompanied by a board resolution of the member concerned.

In all membership meetings, on any matter requiring a vote, the voting rights of members are as follows:

  • Charter member:             five (5) votes

  • Institutional member:     three (3) votes

  • Corporate member:         two (2) votes

  • Chapter:                             two (2) votes

  • Individual member:         one (1) vote

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CREBA Membership Application

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