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LRA bares web service upgrades, online payments

The Land Registration Authority (LRA) announced recent upgrades to its web-based services, particularly online payments, courier delivery of certified true copies (CTC) of titles, and other enhancements to its computerized systems.

In a webinar sponsored by CREBA on 18 February 2022, LRA Administrator Renato D. Bermejo, assisted by Deputy Administrator Emmanuel Leonardo and LARES Inc. Senior Vice President Ernest Camarillo, outlined major improvements in the agency’s eSerbisyo Portal (eSP) and Citizen’s Land Registration Portal (CLRP), as well as other initiatives.

As presented by Bermejo, the eSerbisyo Portal was launched on April 16, 2021 as a web-based service whereby the public can obtain CTC of titles and other documents without having to travel to the various Registry of Deeds (RD) offices.

Major improvements to the service include:

  • Delivery by courier of the requested documents, to any point in the country;
  • Self-service online registration and account creation by the user or requesting party himself. Previously, account creation was done at the Registry of Deeds; and
  • Addition of other online payment gateways that will enable payment via credit card and other modes. Previously, payment was possible only via the Land Bank’s internet payment gateway.

The self-service account creation feature is already on beta live implementation, while the additional payment modes are currently under testing and targeted to go live in July this year.

The CLRP, on the other hand, is another web-based service that allows a client to pre-encode or upload transaction details – including technical descriptions (eTD) of lot parcels – prior to visiting the Registry of Deeds office.

The eTD is on beta live implementation. Camarillo, however, clarified that developers are prioritized in its implementation, considering the large volume of parcels that they apply for issuance of transfer certificate of title (TCT).

Bermejo admitted that under the eTD, the burden of encoding and ensuring the correctness of technical descriptions is being passed on to the title registrant.

However, Bermejo said, the agency was left with no choice, given the lack of cooperation from the DENR in making the approved technical descriptions of survey plans available to the LRA.

Bermejo also bared other ongoing initiatives such as the following:

  • Philippines Personal Property Security Registry (PPPSR), a centralized nationwide electronic registry where notice of a security interest and a lien in personal property may be registered. The system is targeted to go live in the first quarter of this year;
  • Title Upgrade Program (TUP), whereby the LRA aims to phase out the existing manually issued titles by encouraging registered owners to submit their titles for conversion to digital titles;
  • Title Owner Identity Verification System (TOIVS), whereby registered owners may enroll their titles so that prospective buyers may be able to view the Plan, Block, and Lot Information of the titles, as well as the contact information and photo of the registered owner or the authorized representative; and
  • Transaction-Ready Program (TRP), already under pilot implementation in four RD offices. Under this program, clients may request the RD to locate, retrieve and process their titles so that their future transaction may be processed without delay. The request will trigger a search for the title, and the tagging of the same in the system. The LRA will then inform the owner that the title successfully passed the TRP process.

Bermejo also bewailed the lack of congressional action on the LRA’s legislative proposals on administrative reconstitution and administrative correction of titles, as well as the use of the scanned titles in the LRA database for official purposes.

CREBA earlier submitted its Position Paper on the bills filed in the Lower House relative to those subject matterss.


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