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The CREBA Developer of the Decade Awards

In celebrating the 50th anniversary of its founding, the Chamber of Real Estate and Builders’ Associations Inc (CREBA) is granting special recognition to real estate developers who have demonstrated meritorious service and achieved distinction in the industry in the last

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How well is your city performing?

How can we tell if the city where we live is performing well? The management guru, Peter Drucker, laid the foundation of modern management – insisting that you cannot improve what you cannot measure. It is something similar to our

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New normal for the post pandemic city

Two images of the post pandemic city have emerged. One is the urban planner’s utopia of widened sidewalks, pedestrianized boulevards, more neighborhood parks and dedicated bicycle lanes. The other is a dystopia of empty streets and boarded-up shops, and a

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Urban planning in MM – where did we go wrong?

While living in Metro Manila offers economic opportunities, its districts, where people live in close proximity, have particularly enabled the fast spread of disease. Correct urban planning may help ‘cure’ Metro Manila’s vulnerability. Urban planning and design experts have long

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Dwelling Density & the COVID Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the poor the hardest and further exposed the gaping inequalities in access to health care, food, and housing. The government has been enforcing lockdowns and curfews with little thought to mitigating the impact on the

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Greening Real Estate Developments

To some people, real estate developers are viewed not only as creators of houses, subdivisions and buildings, but of communities. To others, they are seen as destroyers of natural habitats, producers of urban sprawl, and creators of dysfunctional, fragmented developments.

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