Metro Manila: My City, My Home

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This book tells the story of how Manila developed from a vibrant, coastal village to a global mercantile trading center from the days of the Spanish Galleons to the cosmopolitan capital it is today.

It includes the author’s experiences with the planning and management of Metro Manila, from before its creation as a metropolitan region, through its evolution from the former MMC to the present MMDA.

It is a story of passion, dreams and hopes for Metro Manila of the author – the former Metro Manila Commissioner for Planning.

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Dr. Nathaniel “Dinky” von Einsiedel, an accredited Urban Development Specialist of the World Bank and Asian Development Bank, is one of the most respected figures in the Philippine real estate industry and in his fields of expertise.

As an architect and acknowledged expert in urban and environmental planning, he has over 40 years’ experience in several projects of local governments, national agencies, the private sector, and international assistance organizations.

His notable engagements and accomplishments include contributions to government policy and program formulations, authorship of various technical publications on sustainable urban development and management, and involvement in various international and national fora and symposia as panelist, speaker, or organizer….



Urban & Environmental Planner
Past President - CREBA
Chairman & Chief Urban Planner - Consultants for Comprehensive Environmental Planning (CONCEP Inc.)
President - Alliance for Safe, Sustainable & Resilient Environments (ASSURE)


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Former Mayor - San Fernando City, La Union
Secretary General - League of Cities of the Philippines
Special Adviser to CityNet

“As the first Urban Planner of the Metro Manila Commission, Nathaniel ‘Dinky’ von Einsiedel saw the birth of what we now know as the Metro Manila Area and the Metro Manila Development Authority.

He has experienced first-hand the challenges of Metro Manila’s urban growth, and predicted its consequences.

I recommend his book, Metro Manila: My City My Home, where he gives us an insight on how we can make things right in the metropolis to attain the quality of life we deserve.”



Landscape Architect and Urban Designer
Former President - Philippine Association of Landscape Architects
Columnist - Philippine Star
President - PGAA Creative Design

“I agree a hundred percent with Dinky von Einsiedel’s views.

We sometimes cannot help but lose any feeling for this place we call Metro Manila. Our sense of belonging may soon be replaced by longing for escape; our pride of place by the humbling experience of queuing up for placement overseas. The vision we need for a better city is often blurred by the noise of politics and the desperation of each day. This makes it all the more imperative that we actively seek solutions.

It takes effort, but if we look hard enough, we will rediscover the vision that Dinky is discussing about in this book. We definitely must open our eyes and our minds to the many new possibilities of building our cities and our communities.”



President - Chamber of Real Estate & Builders Association, Inc. (CREBA)
Chairman - SunAsia Energy, Inc.
President - Fil-Estate Realty Corporation

“Metro Manila: My City My Home is a must read for anyone who cares to know more about how settlements and cities are built through a thorough melding of practices, values, and cultures. Nathaniel von Einsiedel makes great use of sensitivity in the appreciation of the historical evolution of Metro Manila and how its current landscape was shaped.

 In reading his book, one will understand that any community is a continuous evolution—a continuing product of the various nuances, cultures, and experiences that live and evolve in its environment. To guide us into realizing where we aim to go with Metro Manila, Nathaniel takes us into perspective of where we were and how it was.

Exhilarating and insightful, his book is a good reference for serious students of comprehensive urban and settlements planning.”


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