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Iloilo as Philippines’ Next Innovation Hub

Master planning, by definition, is the conscientious effort of developing or improving a property with the goal of ensuring a unified vision for its space. It is coming up with a sustainable plan to calibrate the best utilization for the area while considering the needs of stakeholders who will be impacted by it.  If done …

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Dwelling Density & the COVID Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the poor the hardest and further exposed the gaping inequalities in access to health care, food, and housing. The government has been enforcing lockdowns and curfews with little thought to mitigating the impact on the most vulnerable. Shacks no bigger than a bus waiting shed accommodate several families whose members …

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Urban Planning and the Environment

The calamities of the recent weeks brought about by heavy monsoon rains wrought considerable havoc to lives, properties and industries which bring back painful memories of the infamous typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng of 2009. Some say it was a little better this time because people had better ideas on what to do and how and …

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Property Industry Wish List

There is wide industry consensus that housing, along with tourism, constitutes a powerful engine of growth for the national economy. Its economic multiplier effect triggers increased business and revenue opportunities for about 68 other related industries. True to its avowed theme, “Tourists Today, Real Estate Investors Tomorrow”, the 20th CREBA National Convention held from October …

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Greening Real Estate Developments

To some people, real estate developers are viewed not only as creators of houses, subdivisions and buildings, but of communities. To others, they are seen as destroyers of natural habitats, producers of urban sprawl, and creators of dysfunctional, fragmented developments. But the sorry state of our towns and cities is not necessarily the fault of …

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Housing & Urban Redevelopment

There is no question that the need for affordable housing in our urban centers is rising, while many of our older downtowns require revitalization because of unbounded population growth, housing price inflation, and increasing poverty. As our population continues to rapidly increase and affordability levels decrease, the gap between housing needs and supply, particularly for …

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