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Quo Vadis? Dept. of Housing Bill after 20 years

The success of any government housing program depends on a well-planned and holistic consideration of the various factors that should come into play in order to ensure effective and sustained program implementation.   It calls for an integrated system that brings together the different components of a complete machinery that could run the engine of housing […]

DHUD: the Time has Come

Sec. 9, Art. XIII of the 1987 Constitution provides that the State shall, by law, and for the common good, undertake, in cooperation with the private sector, a continuing program of urban land reform and housing which will make available at affordable cost, decent housing and basic services to underprivileged and homeless citizens in urban […]

Department of Housing: A MUST

It is a great honour and privilege for me to lead for another year the country’s largest umbrella organization of stakeholders from the allied industries of housing, construction, and real estate development – the Chamber of Real Estate and Builders’ Associations, Inc. or CREBA. Over the last four decades, CREBA has taken upon itself to […]

2011: A Year of Plenty

Two thousand eleven has been a time of plenty and a year of many firsts for the Chamber of Real Estate & Builders’ Associations, Inc. (CREBA). While many countries in the world have seen continuing what could be referred to as eclectic property downturns and various “Occupy” movements battling against so-called “corporate greed” and social […]

The Department of Housing Bill

The Housing & Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) has confirmed a staggering housing backlog of over 3.7 million units. This statistic cannot just be ignored. Addressing this problem should be a priority to reflect the country’s status as a growing economy, hence the urgent need to pass legislation that will benefit theunderserved majority. The Chamber […]

The Quest for a Housing Department

Food, clothing and shelter are man’s most basic needs. Apparently with this truism in mind, and cognizant of the economic pump-priming attributes of shelter development, the government under the martial law regime placed housing – side by side with agrarian reform – at the focus of its developmental thrust.  Thus, the Ministry of Human settlements […]