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Reforming Philippine Property Valuation

CREBA welcomes the proposed Property Valuation Reform Bill, or Package 3 of the Comprehensive Tax Reform Program (CTRP) for seeking to introduce reforms in real property valuation and assessment, reorganizing in the process, the Bureau of Local Government Finance (BLGF) under the finance department. As a group composed of most of the country’s property industry […]

Reforming Philippine Property Valuation – a Long Awaited Measure

Land is the most valuable resource; and it is globally recognized that land/housing development is the primary catalyst for economic progress and social advancement. Yet over the decades, the country’s system of land or real property valuation has failed to properly exploit this vital attribute. The system is characterized by multiple, inconsistent, outdated, inaccurate and […]

CREBA Backs Valuation Reform Act

CREBA is throwing its full weight behind the Property Valuation Reform Bill under House Bill 4664, in a bid to rationalize the formulation of the schedule of market values used in real property taxation by local government units. Chamber Chairman Charlie A.V. Gorayeb said the long overdue legislation is expected to eliminate if not minimize […]