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Charlie A.V. Gorayeb

Charlie A.V. Gorayeb

Chairman of the Board, CREBA Chairman, CREBA Advocacy & Legislative Affairs Committee Honorary Consul General, Republic of Djibouti

Tanauan Rises: the City of Colors

More than just an organization committed to protect and promote the interests of its members, the Chamber of Real Estate and Builders’ Associations seeks to rationalize the seemingly conflicting forces of business, government and the homeless sector, ever mindful that the larger national interest is paramount.  

Playing an active role as the “voice and vanguard” of the Philippine real estate and housing sector, CREBA has trained a watchful eye on emerging concerns or issues in the social, political, legal, economic, and financial dimensions that invariably impacts on housing and real estate, in the national and local fronts.

In doing so, the association draws strength from its numerous chapters in maintaining strong linkages between and among the national leadership and the regional, provincial and city levels.  CREBA likewise gathers insights from local stakeholders on real estate situations in their locality or area of jurisdiction. This is a key factor to ensure that the benefits of national reforms permeate widely and create more urban centres that will serve as a growth model in the countryside.

In a recent survey on the performance of local government units submitted by our chapters, one city rose above the rest in terms of good governance practices and “strong foundations for sustained equitable advancement,” and this is Tanauan City led by Mayor Antonio “Thony” C. Halili – a scenic and culture-rich metropolis in the proud province of Batangas.

CREBA – Batangas Chapter chief Aurora Realon, says that while all locally-elected officials would have already marked their first 100 days in office, Mayor Halili’s transformational leadership and groundbreaking advocacies take centerstage because of the immense development potentials it has unleashed in many aspects. The redevelopment and rehabilitation of the city has made it not only competitive but a safe haven to live, visit and invest. This improvement in the over-all business climate is definitely always good for housing and real estate.

Tanauan, she said, now basks in a picture of “strong political will, integrity and accountability as well as long-dreamed transparency.” The high trust rating of the local chief executive is set to attract investments and spur more businesses to the advantage of the local citizenry. All these developments make it very good for business to prosper.

In his report to the people, Tanauan City’s “Iron Man” wished his city to be known nationally as the “City of Colors.” 

Tanauan City is home to scenic nature’s beauty, attractive investment opportunities, rich culture and historical heritage, superb adventure and vigorous industrialization. The natural wealth of its land and the dynamism and resourcefulness of its people pave the way to competitiveness, bringing the city to the crest of progress and advancement. 

With these unique advantages, not to mention its great human resource – the Batanguenos – it is well on the way to becoming a hub for business in the CALABARZON.

Many quarters in the public and private sectors have been quick to thank and congratulate Mayor Halili for what he has done to Tanauan City for the last six months, and CREBA is not to be left behind. 

On behalf of our Chamber and its members in Batangas who are property developers, builders, contractors, suppliers and manufacturers of construction materials, real estate service practitioners and other professionals and entities engaged in more than 70 allied fields, kudos and more power to Mayor Thony Halili, Vice-Mayor Jhoanna Corona and the entire City Council for a job well done! 

And so it goes that while CREBA shall remain vigilant and critical of the issues that need change; outstanding performances of our partners in government will not be overlooked nor forgotten.

Published in the Manila Bulletin January 2014

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