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The proposed NLUA – good or bad legislation?

It has been said that the avowed purpose of the proposed National Land Use Act (NLUA) is to institute a “framework for allocating scarce land resources to meet the requirements of a growing population not just for food, but also for housing, employment, and the need to protect the environment.”  It has been termed as […]

New Land Conversion Rules to Boost Economic Recovery

The Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) recently announced major changes in its land conversion policies and rules in order to facilitate economic recovery in the wake of the COVID pandemic. DAR Undersecretary for Legal Affairs Luis M. Pangulayan outlined the changes during a webinar sponsored by CREBA on 25 November 2021. The changes are embodied […]

Land Conversion Moratorium: Untimely

Many investors and businessmen, not only in the real estate and housing development sector, are confused, stuck in a push and pull decision about their projects amidst the looming 2-year moratorium that the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) seems bent to impose against the conversion of agricultural lands for human settlements and other non-agri uses. […]

NO to proposed moratorium on land conversion

CREBA supports the position of the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) and the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) rejecting the impending imposition of a 2-year moratorium on conversion of agricultural lands for human settlements and other non-agricultural uses.  NEDA and HUDCC have said that a “blanket” moratorium is detrimental to the economy […]

National Land Use Bill: Yes, but with Caveats

In this second part of a series of articles citing at least four major proposed bills on housing, we will train our attention to another important measure that will have a far-reaching effect on many aspects of the national economy: the National Land Use bill pending in both legislative chambers.  The Senate left off last […]

Land Use bill in Congress anew

As the 16th Congress opened earlier this year, various versions of the national land use bill were filed in both houses of the legislature. In the Lower House, it has been filed as House Bill No. 108 by Rep. Bag-Ao and House Bill 3122 by Rep. Quimbo, among others. Counterpart Senate Bills have been filed […]