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CREBA prez reports on housing reform interventions

Noel "Toti"Cariño

The period 2020 to 2023 was busy for the CREBA directorate, marked by relentless pursuit of legislative and institutional reforms crucial not only to the cause of the housing industry, but also the entire economy. Reporting during the Chamber’s general membership meeting and election of directors for the 2024-2026 term, CREBA president Noel “Toti” M. […]

Rectifying Inequity & Ambiguities of the Maceda Law

Evident in many laws relating to real estate is the underlying presumption that every act of a developer proceeds from avarice. Apparently proceeding from this presumption of guilt, the general trend in these laws has been to impose excessive demands and conditions, as if to penalize the entire housing industry for the perceived faults of […]

Maceda Law: 50 Years of Patience is Enough

“One cannot enrich himself at the expense of another” – so says the legal precept. The Maceda Law was enacted on August 26, 1972 “to protect buyers of real estate on installment payments against onerous and oppressive conditions.” Essentially, it grants installment buyers the following rights: The right to pay in advance any installment or […]

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