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Land Registration Reforms

Public faith in the Torrens system of land registration has been severely eroded by decades of rampant title fakery, land grabbing, title laundering and other nefarious acts perpetrated with the use of dubious titles. Despite stringent safeguards in the land registration laws, which entail sacrifices in terms of a slower pace in effecting legitimate land […]

LRA bares web service upgrades, online payments

The Land Registration Authority (LRA) announced recent upgrades to its web-based services, particularly online payments, courier delivery of certified true copies (CTC) of titles, and other enhancements to its computerized systems. In a webinar sponsored by CREBA on 18 February 2022, LRA Administrator Renato D. Bermejo, assisted by Deputy Administrator Emmanuel Leonardo and LARES Inc. […]

Sellers & Buyers – A Balancing of Interests

Unlike courts which render judgment based on their interpretation of law, those who make the laws, policies or rules are often confronted with a familiar conundrum – how to balance divergent interests to achieve the greater good, without alienating anyone. Given CREBA’s kaleidoscopic membership and its vision for homeless millions, its leaders can only empathize […]

Towards Speedy Land Registration

CREBA recently forwarded its proposals to Congress on House Bill No. 6589, or the proposed act rationalizing the requirements imposed by the Department of Agrarian Reform to ensure a speedy and efficient land registration system all over the country. The bill is under the House Committee on Agrarian Reform cha aired by Bohol first district […]