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Membership enrollment hits record high in Feb. 2024

Reflecting a growing optimism in the real estate business, a record number of firms were inducted as new CREBA members during the Chambers general membership meeting last Thursday.

The list includes:

  • AAC Lightweight Block Corporation

  • Alpha Realty

  • Asian Pearl Construction & Development Corporation

  • BCCS Strategic Connection Consultancy Services Corporation

  • ENTECH Philippines, Inc.

  • Green Square Properties

  • J. P. Gacula Construction Corporation

  • PHOMI MCM Philippines Corporation

  • Sta. Maria de la Strada Realty & Developers, Inc.

  • First Independent Value Experts, Inc.

  • GLRA Realty

  • Grace R. Angeles Realty

  • One 77 Ventures

  • Jose Mari Millado Realty

  • Michael Calunsod Realty

  • Richard Yu Realty

Some 60 other applicants during the first 2 months of 2024 are awaiting approval of their membership application pending their completion of the requirements.


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